02 ianuarie 2010

Tonight's favorite movie lines (10)

"My name's Malone. In my line of work you have to knife before you're punched and shoot before you're knifed, because there's one golden rule that can never be broken: Once you're dead, you stay that way."

Evelyn: - I hope your man's better at delivering goods than looking pretty, 'cause he sure as hell ain't much of a looker.
Malone: - I had ten goons trying to make me dead over that damn thing. So, let's skip to the part where you explain, sister.
Evelyn: - I'm not your sister.
Malone: - You ain't the client either.Talk. Or I'll make like you're my daughter and bend you over my knee.
Evelyn: - Promises, promises.

Matchstick: "Unlike my genetically malfunctioned associate,I would like to take this opportunity not to wage war, but to play nice."

"Evelyn: Christ, I'm aroused. Too bad there's not a man around.
Malone: I'll be sure to call if I see one.
Evelyn: Why bother? You finally got what you wanted.
Malone: Earplugs?
Evelyn: Me. In your room. With a bed.
Malone: We don't have time to sleep."

"Evelyn: Maybe I haven't been straight with you.
Malone: Straight? Lady, you're a goddamn zigzag."

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