29 ianuarie 2010

Book of e-life


The way we live
(Afraid to die)
The way we laugh,
When we should cry;
The way we speak..
And tell a lie;
The way we love,
Or, at least, try -
Are all just parts of who we are.

The way we smile
When we say 'HI'..
The way we hug
And kiss goodbye,
The way we talk
Or walk the line,
The way we keep
Loved ones aside -
They too write our Book of Life.

'Cuz every little shred of care
And every moment that we share
Are but grains of magic dust
That gave life and burned so fast.

Just like dreams that never dare (to)
Become real when we're aware.
They all fade with coming dusk,
From our body, pale and slack.

We'll never know the answer why
This is how we live and die

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