19 octombrie 2010

Tonight's favorite movie line (12)

Control: Ostrich and grizzly bear are the targets.

Sniper 1: The bear is down. Repeat, the bear is down. I got the bear.

Sniper 2: I think that's a wookie. That's a wookie.

Sniper 1: No, it's not, it's a bear.

Sniper 2: Is a wookie a bear, control?

Control: The bear target has changed. Target bear is now target Honey Monster.

Sniper 1: Is a honey monster a bear?

Sniper 2: A honey monster is not a bear.

Sniper 1: A honey monster is a bear.

Control: The honey monster is down. He was a target. He was a bear.

Sniper 1: The honey monster is down?

Sniper 2: The honey monster is not down, control. We have a wookie down.

Control: What's a wookie?

Sniper 1: A bear. It's a bear!

Sniper 2: No, it is a wookie. You've just shot it as a bear. (to Control) Is a wookie a bear?

Sniper 1: It's a bear. Repeat, it's a bear.

Control: The wookie is down. The wookie is not the target.

Sniper 1: Well, it must be the target. I just shot it.

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