03 iunie 2009

Tonight's favorite movie lines (8)

"- People hate Jews, do you agree?
- The very word makes their skin crawl. They undermine traditional life, and they deracinate society. Just take a look at the greatest Jewish minds ever. Marx, Freud, Einstein. What have they given us? Communism, infantile sexuality, and the atom bomb.
- Danny, this is great. But how can you believe all of this... when you're a Jew yourself!"

"- Let me put it this way: Who wants to destroy the Jews? Who wants to grind their bones into the dust? And who wants to see them rise again? Wealthier, more successful, powerful, cultured, more intelligent than ever?
- ...
- Then you know what we have to do? We have to love 'em. What? Did he say ''Love the Jews''? It's strange, I know. But with these people, nothing is simple.
The Jew says all he wants is to be left alone to study his Torah,...do a little business,...fornicate with his oversexed wife,but it's not true. He wants to be hated. He longs for our scorn. He clings to it, as if it were the very core of his being. If Hitler had not existed, the Jews would've invented him. For without such hatred, the so-called Chosen People would vanish from the earth.
And this reveals a terrible truth and the crux of our problem as Nazis. The worse the Jews are treated, the stronger they become. Egyptian slavery made them a nation. The pogroms hardened them. Auschwitz gave birth to the state of Israel. Suffering, it seems, is the very crucible of their genius. So, if the Jews are,as one of their own has said,...a people who will not take ''yes'' for an answer,...let us say ''yes'' to them.
They thrive on opposition. Let us cease to oppose them. The only way to annihilate this insidious people once and for all.....is to open our arms, invite them into our homes....and embrace them. Only then will they vanish into assimilation, normality and love.
But we cannot pretend. The Jew is nothing if not clever. He will see through hypocrisy and condescension. To destroy him, we must love him sincerely.
- If the Jews are strengthened by hate, wouldn't this....destruction that you speak of, whether it's by love or any other means,....wouldn't that make them more powerful than they are already?
- Yes. lnfinitely more. They would become as God. It's the Jews' destiny to be annihilated so they can be deified. Jesus understood this perfectly. And look what was accomplished there with the death of just one enlightened Jew. Imagine what would happen if we killed them all."

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