31 ianuarie 2013

The 10 principles for underachieving

Life’s too short.
Control is an illusion.

Expectations lead to misery.
Great expectations lead to great misery.
Achievement creates expectations.
The law of diminishing returns applies everywhere.
Perfect is the enemy of good.
The tallest blade of grass is the surest to be cut.
Accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder.
The 4 Percent Value-Added Principle. 
It is now an established scientific fact that human beings are, genetically speaking, 96 percent identical to chimpanzees. How does that make you feel? Think of it: the  most successful individuals in the world, as well as the most hopelessly underaccomplished ones, are, biologically speaking, all pretty close to apes. If anything puts the lie to the old saw about giving 110 percent, this is it. In fact, biologically speaking, even bacteria are extremely “successful,” and they don’t seem to work that hard at it. This point may be a case of science misapplied, but it seems to fit. Being alive at all is by far your greatest achievement.

Ray Bennett - The Underachiever's manifesto

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