10 martie 2011


...a fost si el un simplu visator.

‘As you are woman, so be lovely:
Fine hair afloat and eyes irradiate,
Long crafty fingers, fearless carriage,
And body lissom, neither small nor tall;
So be lovely!

‘As you are lovely, so be merciful:
Yet must your mercy abstain from pity:
Prize your self-honour, leaving me with mine:
Love if you will: or stay stone-frozen.
So be merciful!

‘As you are merciful, so be constant:
I ask not you should mask your comeliness,
Yet keep our love aloof and strange,
Keep it from gluttonous eyes, from stairway gossip.
So be constant!

‘As you are constant, so be various:
Love comes to slot without variety.
Within the limits of our fair-paved garden
Let fancy like a Proteus range and change.
So be various!

‘As you are various, so be woman:
Graceful in going as well armed in doing.
Be witty, kind, enduring, unsubjected:
Without you I keep heavy house.
So be woman!

‘As you are woman, so be lovely:
As you are lovely, so be various,
Merciful as constant, constant as various.
So be mine, as I yours for ever.’

Robert Graves, Pygmalion to Galateea

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  1. într-adevar scut si bun.

    visele si le face fiecare, si tot noi suntem cei ce le omoram