13 ianuarie 2011

Provocare de limba

S-a gandit Daimon ca noi, blogarasii, ar trebui sa ne dam un pic mai rotunzi decat suntem si sa ne testam "cunostintele" de engleza printr-o metoda simpla: conversia unuia din articolele vechi (in caz ca n-avem chef sa scriem unul nou) in marfa de export, ca tot ne lauda ziaristii ca stim atatea limbi straine ca-i dam pe spate pe investitori. Nu mai zic ca atunci cand ne conversam vorbim destul de colorat si cu parfum romglez. No, omul a dat startul, mi-a ridicat mingea la fileu, s-a expus criticii, o fac si eu in stilu-mi caracteristic, declarativ-epistolar:

Losing touch

Take my hand and let your feet carry us wherever they want. Don't turn your head back at all, there's no need to; my hand will never let go yours, never get bored or tired of holding this delicate grip. That's all the confidence you need. And if you still want to look back at me, do it without worry or stress, but with love, and as scarce as possible because, frankly, I enjoy gazing secretly at you. This way, I will follow you into perpetual walk, with you leading and I close behind, sometime all of a sudden stopping you with a swift pull of my arm, just enough so you lose balance and fall gracefully into my arms. And watch you sulk. Then tell you that you were speeding and there's no need for rush. I love that. And then quickly change subject and ask you what kind of never smelled perfume are you wearing on your skin, just to bug you and watch you frowning, first surprised, then accounting once more that it's the same scent as always. Yes, I love that.

And I also love to hug you from behind, surrounding your waist with my arms and diving nose front into your beautiful fragrant hair. At that moment I could just go to sleep forever sinking my head in some hair-made pillow of yours. Just as much, I adore the way my hands unintentionally touch the down side of your breasts when they embrace you, a small reassuring of their presence just inches away. It's like an affirmation of your "existence" that returns some sort of validation for every next feeling of mine. But most of all I love to sit next to you in bed, take your face in my hands and touch your softly cheeks with the tips of my fingers when I kiss your eyes goodnight. And then wait for you to fall asleep and watch over you from my own rest.

Now I keep my eyes open at nights. It's my way of sleeping, afraid that my dreams will rob the image of your absent expression from me, and this way I allow my retina to play you endlessly on my conscience screen till morning. And if you think that, maybe, I lost track of reality, well, there was a time when that, too, I used to love. And now that's everything I adore doing.

2 comentarii:

  1. Merge. Nu-s sigur că sună "natural", dar nici nu-s în măsură să-mi dau cu părerea despre asta :)

  2. Naspa cu traducerea.
    Expresiile se traduc cu expresii nu cuvant cu cuvant ca nu se intelege.
    "Take my hand and let your feet carry us wherever they want. Don't turn your head back at all, there's no need to;"
    At least:
    "Take my hand and let your feet take us wherever they wish. Do not look back at all, there's no need."
    Unde-i originelu mey ppl?