23 ianuarie 2009

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Imi place piesa asta de numa, e prima oara cand ascult Suzanne Vega cu atat pasiune :O.De vina e radioul meu naspa din masina, care nu prinde bine decat Europa FM. Si care merge cu casete!!? Unde drac sa mai gasesc eu casete acum? Am doar ceva albume Mafia din 97 pe-acas. Asa ca ma rezum la radio. Oricum nu canta decat un difuzor :O. Ma ocup eu si de partea asta in curand, nu-i panica. Na, si cum ziceam, ascult Europa asta FM in masina si de fiecare data pun astia piesa asta superba, Luka! Acum i-am gasit si clipu pe tube. Just listen..

My name is Luka
I live on the second floor
I live upstairs from you
Yes I think you've seen me before

If you hear something late at night
Some kind of trouble. some kind of fight
Just don't ask me what it was
Just don't ask me what it was
Just don't ask me what it was

I think it's because I'm clumsy
I try not to talk too loud
Maybe it's because I'm crazy
I try not to act too proud

They only hit until you cry
And after that you don't ask why
You just don't argue anymore
You just don't argue anymore
You just don't argue anymore

Yes I think I'm okay
I walked into the door again
Well, if you ask that's what I'll say
And it's not your business anyway
I guess I'd like to be alone
With nothing broken, nothing thrown

Just don't ask me how I am [X3]

9 comentarii:

  1. Gasesti casete la bega, la parter:)

  2. Thnx, dar mai degraba o sa-mi iau un cd-player auto.

  3. Şi eu am casete acas'. Am Bush, Deftones, Rage Against the Machine, Primus....şi nu mai ştiu. Mie mi-e ciudă că nu mai am pe ce să le ascult...aşa...de fiţe. :D

  4. "A few years ago, I used to see this group of children playing in front of my building, and there was one of them, whose name was Luka, who seemed a little bit distinctive from the other children. I always remembered his name, and I always remembered his face, and I didn't know much about him, but he just seemed set apart from these other children that I would see playing. And his character is what I based the song Luka on. In the song, the boy Luka is an abused child—in real life I don't think he was. I think he was just different."

    Frumoasa piesa... si eu o ascult cand apuc :)

  5. Mai e si asta, de Suzanne Vega: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2c5rq_dna-feat-suzanne-vega-toms-dinner_music
    Faina, nu?

  6. dau o caseta minune. legi mp3/ipod/mp4 si asculti la casetofonul din masina :D

  7. @cami: da aia o stiu demult. e faimoasa :)
    @danut: hehe stiu smecheria aia, caseta cu fir ;))

  8. Si Luka e faimoasa. Nu stiu cum ai descoperit-o abia acum :)

  9. ştiu melodia asta de pe vremea când la eurosport erau puse spre vânzare cu pentru anumite tari tot felul de disc-uri cu piese vechi si aşa mai departe. Asa ca tot timpul când aud melodia, îmi aduc aminte de copilărie :)