12 februarie 2009

Pisipoanca - partea 2

Iar am chef sa fac misto de matze, mai ales ca am vazut cateva reclame pe blogurile mai apropiate mie in care se ofera exemplare pisicesti in intretinere! Ca atare bag si eu niste poze potrivite pentru continuarea mai vechii idei de pisipoanca.

Do you miiind? Some privacy pleeease! I just got my rubber doll and i need some time on my own... Thank yooouu!!

What is that!? Why are you naked?! No, you're not gettin' in here... I can wash my own back, thank you very much!!!

Come baaack! Nooo, don't leeave meee! It's not fair! I...love you...

Com'on bro' ... you can do it! Use your feet, goddamit! Oughh ... you're so fuckin heavy! I told you to ease off the guacamole!!!

Hey look at me!! I can dance! Yeah... I'm dancing alright.. See? I told you I can do it.. I just needed the right music, you know?

2 comentarii:

  1. Pfuahahahahahahahahaha!!! Kitty catz! Fuunnyyy!!

  2. Am tot incercat sa comentez, da' nu puteam de la lucru. :D

    Voiam sa iti zic ca matza aia din poza a 3-a nu-i prea indurerata de iubire. Pare cam isterica asa... ;)) Nici urma de pareri de rau si suferinte. :P